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Name:Flashcard Exchange

Brief Description of the Site:
Flashcard Exchange lets users review online, download, or print over 20,000 flashcards. Flashcard categories include: Early Childhood (Pre-K), Early Elementary K-2, Upper Elementary 3-5, Middle School 6-8, High School 9-12, Higher Education, Information Technology, Languages, Sciences, Miscellaneous, Trivia and Trade Schools. Create or choose from existing flashcards.

How to use the site:
If your students need flashcards to study, Flashcard Exchange makes it easy to create and use them. To make your own flashcards, youÕll have to register (itÕs free) with a password and user name. You can choose to share with a group or keep the cards you make to yourself. Students can use the flashcards online or print them in a variety of ways. For example, you may want to use the Òprint listÓ option for printing answers and questions side by side. Then cut or fold the flashcards to use them. In addition, you can view all flashcards in sign language. Students, parents, and teachers can also create study groups, place relevant flashcards into the study groups, and find study materials. The message board lets members discuss materials for these study groups.

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Ken Royal