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Guide to Computer Science Degrees and Careers

For students interested in pursuing computer science education, this website offers an in-depth guide to degrees and careers.
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For students interested in pursuing computer science education, this website offers an in-depth guide to computer science degrees and careers. Resources include information about computer science degrees by subject and level, salary ranges, scholarships, internships and cutting-edge fields such as robotics, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

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Earth Guide

Earth Guide Of what is the Earth made? What happens to the sunlight that strikes Earth? What are the different land areas on Earth? This interesting site answers these and many more questions in slide show fashion. It is very content-rich, but requires a strong reading level, so some teachers may

Jammin' Career Resource Center

Name: Jammin' Career Resource Center Brief Description of the Site: A small part of the Jammin Jobs site, the Student Center is a very valuable asset for 11th- and 12th-graders. It offers a wealth of information about Colleges & Universities, Community Colleges, Fund Your Education, Developing Goals, Job Fairs,

School to Career: Reworking the Model

Once the high school track for kids who might lack the aptitude, interest, or economic means to pursue a higher education, vocational education solely focused on preparing students for industrial jobs. But with today's understanding that all individuals will have a career — a major shift in thinking from the past

Free science tools

This website offering free science resources was developed by, an organization dedicated to sharing the emerging tools of science education real time data collection, simulations, inquiry based lessons, interactive web lessons, micro worlds, and imaging. Click on categories including

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Name: Career Profiles Brief Description of the Site: So many students have so poor an understanding of the different jobs available when they’re ready to enter the work force. Because they rely on family or friends, or even worse the mass media, they often are the victims of misinformation. But this particular

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Name: National Geographic Education Guide Brief Description of the Site: The National Geographic Education Guide is a wide-ranging resource for any educator who teaches some aspect of social studies, geography or science. The site has a well-designed search interface that enables teachers to located resources by