Guide to VoIP and Networking Becoming Network and VoIP Savvy; The ROI of VoIP

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So many of the great new ideas that come along seem to mean an increase in spending. So it is great when a new technology actually results in savings as well as efficiency. This eBook provides information on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a technology that provides a real cost benefit to school districts. Read this eBook to find out everything you will need to know about Internet telephony.

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Never Say Never! How to Become Tech-Savvy

I still remember the day I was hired to teach. Somehow, my new principal had tracked me down to a picnic at a local state park and shared the wonderful news: "You're hired!" Immediately after thanking her, giving a loud shout for joy, I reset the telephone receiver with trembling fingers and made the call I

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As InfoComm ( gets ready to kick off next month in Orlando, Tech & Learning highlights some of the newest projectors for K-12.

Teaching Students to Become Media-Savvy Consumers

--> from Educators' eZine Our curriculum coordinator was at first resistant to my suggestion that advertising would be a relevant and engaging unit to include in our new program of inquiry. He was concerned that since we were


Makerspace Guide

There is no doubt, the number of products to choose from nowadays for Makerspaces can be a little overwhelming.