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HHMI: Ask a Scientist

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Discover answers to the top ten questions in several areas of science such as human biology, evolution, genetics, and health and disease. Users can also submit their own inquiries. There are also links to help with homework, give ideas for science fair projects, inform about careers in science, and help students understand health issues.

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Ask Dr. Math: Frequently Asked Questions

Name: Ask Dr. Math: Frequently Asked Questions Brief Description of the Site: "Math-o-philes" and "Math-o-phobes" alike will enjoy this fascinating portal page. Although the latter may have to work much harder to "get" the extremely well-written explanations, they'll still enjoy the mental exercise. The page

Accidental Scientist: Music

Learn about the science of music at this clever site. Activities include writing, mixing, and experimenting with music, videos that explain tuning, stepping (or rhythmic movement), instrument building, and the changes music makes when played in different kinds of spaces and

Ask The Techies

Ask The Techies Starting in Fall Quarter 2005, Ohio University's Academic Advancement Center's Computer Learning Lab began creating "Ask the Techies," a series of technology how-to videos for distribution via the Internet. They've prodcued and distributed thirty-six episodes covering a wide range of

Questions to Ask Yourself

Tip: One of the things coaching does is help teachers to reflect on their own professional growth. The relationship between a coach and teacher builds trust. Some of the questions teachers have asked me might be good questions for all teachers to think about: What can I do to improve my teaching practice?