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History Wired

A highly interactive site that gives you the opportunity to see and read about objects in the Smithsonian Institution. Navigate the site by clicking on the topics beneath the timeline to see where the objects are. By clicking on the object square, you will see a picture of the object and get a description of it. Requires Java, but a text version is available.

Smithsonian Institution

• Pictures and/or Illustrations • Biographical Information

• High School Middle School Elementary School

Becca Gilman



Freedom: A History of US

Name: Freedom: A History of US Brief Description of the Site: Based on Joy Hakim's critically acclaimed book this PBS television series come with a remarkable web site to study American history. The site follows the series sequence and is divided into "Webisodes". Access to the book and the series would be nice

History of Jamestown

Name: History of Jamestown Brief Description of the Site: The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities provides this online history of Jamestown with information on topics from the Virginia Company to archeological research. It includes recent discoveries. In the Exhibits section, there is a

The History of Halloween

The History of Halloween A serious orange and black background complete with bats and jack-o-lanterns gives this site the proper feel. Students can explore the history of this holiday and also find out how it is celebrated in other countries. Ghost stories, historic haunts, cut outs, and recipes

Harvest of History

This site compares and contrasts a farming village of 1845 to the modern day world. Students can make their own video online using clips, narrative, and music supplied by the authors.   courtesy of netTrekker