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I Want to be Recycled

A fascinating look at what happens to materials that are recycled.
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A fascinating look at what happens to materials that are recycled. Follow an item such as a shampoo bottle on its journey from pickup, through sorting at a recycling plant, processing into flakes and conversion into pellets, and manufacturing to become something else, even another shampoo bottle. Try playing the Super Sorter game to see if you can sort materials correctly and earn money to buy more equipment for your factory. There are also resources such as posters and a video for building a recycling campaign in your own community or school.

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Recycle City

This interactive site allows students to implement recycling programs to transform "Dumptown" into "Recycle City". To make this simulation realistic, students must implement the programs within a budget. courtesy of netTrekker

America Recycles Today

 As part of America Recycles Day today, sort as much trash as possible in two minutes. Guide the character around the park to pick up items, such as a apple cores, water bottles, and boxes, and take them to the correct bins. There are bins for recyclable, non-recyclable, and compostable items. courtesy of netTrek

I Want to Fly!

I Want to Fly! Toby the wizard wants to fly. Learn how three forces can help him accomplish this goal. Real world information and video can be found on this site, helping to further explain the properties of flight. Japan Science and Technology Corporation • Learning Games •

Painting Elizabeth I

Here is an activity to commemorate the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth I's death on this date in 1603. Using portraits of Elizabeth I found in British museums as source material, learners investigate the art of portraiture by creating a new

You Wouldn't Want to be an Egyptian Mummy!

You Wouldn't Want to be an Egyptian Mummy! Q: Why can't a mummy play music? A: Because they've removed its organs. This hilarious site provides students with "Disgusting things you'd rather not know" about mummies. Although this is a cartoon book, students can find great information on the "ins and outs"

I Know That

I Know That Here's an amazing site that will catch students' attention immediately. It offers 11 extremely interactive and engaging activities in which students are able to do everything from shaking down a building with a catastrophic earthquake to seeing what they might look like from outer space.

Managing Money; Needs vs. Wants

Managing Money; Needs vs. Wants If managing money is a challenge for adults, imagine what a chore it can be for young students, . This site gives plenty of examples and discussion ideas to encourage students to manage their money properly. PBS Kids, Managing Money, Needs vs. Wants •