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ICT Literacy Map--Social Studies

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ICT Literacy Map -- Social Studies

This "roadmap" can show how Information and Communication Technology tools can be used to develop and enrich social studies content instruction. Examples are given for 4th, 8th and 12th grades.

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Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers

Name: Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers Brief Description of the Site: Dr. Martin Levine's Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers site has useful Internet links for social studies teachers. It is the most complete social studies resource I've seen on the Internet. There are

Essay Map

This site will help them organize their essays with an interactive essay map.

Mapping Memory

Mapping Memory This amazing interactive created by National Geographic allows users to understand the complexities of the brain in an easy to understand way. Flip and rotate a model brain to learn more about making memories, storing memories, and losing memory. National Geographic

The Sky Map

The Sky Map This astronomical survey by the Sloan organization, when completed, will provide detailed images covering more than a quarter of the sky, and almost a million galaxies and quasars. Although the site is meant to be interactive, a mandatory first stop is the Getting Started segment to

Zoom Into Maps

Zoom Into Maps Many state standards include activities such as reading, analyzing and creating maps. This map-centric site can help. It leads students through basic map reading skills, using historic maps whose subjects include: migration, settlement, travel, transportation, and military campaigns. Some

A Literary Map of Manhattan

A Literary Map of Manhattan Explore Manhattan through the words of great literature. Scroll down the map or click on the book icons to find a quotation that relates to a specific address in New York. Enhancing many of the quotations are portraits of the writers and reviews of the original works. This is

World Languages Map

With this interactive site you can visit a continent and read several facts about the languages spoken on that continent.

Arctic Studies Center

Name: Arctic Studies Center Brief Description of the Site: According to the site, "the Arctic Studies Center specifically studies northern peoples, exploring history, archaeology, social change and human lifeways across the circumpolar world." While part of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, the