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Interactive Life Science has indexed a large collection of interactive web based lessons through which K 12 students can explore organisms, life cycles, reproduction, heredity, ecosystems, cell structure, and other biology related topics. courtesy of netTrekker
Publish date: has indexed a large collection of interactive web-based lessons through which K-12 students can explore organisms, life cycles, reproduction, heredity, ecosystems, cell structure, and other biology-related topics.

courtesy of netTrekker



Science Uploads

Science Uploads From Canadas' University of Alberta comes a collection of Flash 5 presentations about various science topics, such as the water cycle, the carbon cycle, parts of seed plants, etc. Each offers simple but easily understood graphics and explanations. Department of Biological

Life of Galileo

 Rice University offers an impressive online project about Galileo Galilei, his life and work. Includes a glossary of terms, a timeline, maps, pictures, primary texts, family letters, and sketches. courtesy of netTrekker

Science Interactives

Science Interactives and MSNBC have linked-up to offer a series of fascinating interactive science-orientated presentations. Among the topics are Asteroid Close Calls (could our Earth be struck by an asteroid?) and The Search for Extrasolar Planets (are there other planets circling

Interactive Science Lab

 Fascinating site offers 16 different science topics from atoms to volcanoes and fun, interactive exercises for each. Users can do everything from shaking down a building with a catastrophic earthquake to seeing what they might look like from outer space.

Life of the Bard

Accessible information about Shakespeare, including his family background, education, marriage, career, the "lost years," works and study materials. From the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, an independent charity that promotes the world's Shakespeare heritage.courtesy of netTrekker

Museum of Science and Industry: Games

Play a game using simple machines—an inclined plane, a lever, wheels and an axle, and a pulley—to help Twitch collect parts, from the museum's crowded workshop shelves, needed to repair a robot. courtesy of netTrekker

My Privacy, My Choice, My Life(2)

Learn about the importance of internet privacy for young people from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Topics include important information for students and parents and resources for teachers. Includes a privacy quiz and related links. Available in French.  courtesy of

Interactive German

High school German teacher Ed Curtis has created this site full of interactive general grammar exercises. Challenge yourself or your students to improve German language skills. courtesy of netTrekker

PBS Kids: It's My Life promo image

PBS Kids: It's My Life

This website from PBS is a place where students, parents, and teachers can go to find information on a wide variety of topics related to child health and well-being.