Jack's "Midi Music" United States of America Traditional and Patriotic Tunes

Name:Jack's "Midi Music" United States of America Traditional and Patriotic Tunes

Brief Description of the Site:
This music online resource is a great accompaniment to American history by adding a multimedia music dimension to social studies without the need for cassettes, CDs, or DVDs. The music midi files are embedded and easy to access. Just make sure you have a sound card. There are even links to other music sites ("Laura's Midi Heaven") which has some excellent selections that can be used to compliment lessons preparing for some state exams (One example is New York State's Social Studies Exam for Grades 5 and 8, which often refer to subject matter that have relevant musical selections.) It's a delightful, fun and curriculum based way to bring the arts into the classroom in the service of content area.

How to use the site:
Check for a sound card ant then just click on the desired selection. One powerful one is the Whitney Houston rendition of the national anthem. (That version automatically loads from a museum site authorized to post the file.) Most of the songs come with the words (good for previewing), which can even facilitate a class sing along if overhead projection is an option. The site is continually updated and expanded. Students can even examine early versions of the familiar and get an historical glimpse into how certain anthems came into being. (Eg. "God Save the King" as the original version of what Americans know to be "America".)

Submitted by:
Jack Snead