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Keeping Students Safe Online: What Works

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Educators today have to be concerned about students' online safety, as much as traditional curricular subjects. Recent research has shown that using fear-based instruction does not keep kids safe, or stop behaviors that put them at risk. So what does work? This guide is designed to help you navigate the issues, understand the risks, and learn the research behind how best to address the concerns about online activities for students.

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Keeping Safe Online

 With sections for students, for parents and for educators, this site addresses internet safety issues in interesting formats for all three audiences. Children can read books, play games or watch videos starring Faux Paw, the Techno Cat. Parents can read

Thinking Outside the Ban Keeps Students Safe Online

Our students' digital footprints usually begin before they ever even start school, but once they're there, it is the job of the 21st century school to ensure parents and their children are developing a positive digital footprint that will result in future success.

Online Training: What's Really Working?

Southern California's Imperial County Office of Education found very convincing evidence of the benefits of online professional development the first time they experimented on a large scale. This past year, the California Superintendents Association, which normally holds bimonthly meetings on-site in Sacramento, tried

Get Safe Online

 Online computing is virtually essential in today's world, but it can be dangerous viruses, spyware, and identity theft are a few of the potential hazards that net surfers must avoid. This site  presents an online risk assessment to determine the