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Kids for Saving Earth

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Kids for Saving Earth

Delightful and inspirational, this site will encourage any viewer to pitch in to help save the Earth. There are many suggestions for activities, worksheets, music, and video nestled into the Kids for Saving the Earth website.

Kids for Saving Earth

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Breathing Earth

Breathing Earth This fascinating flash site attempts to portray the birth rate, death rate, and amount of Carbon Dioxide produced by every country on the planet. "Mousing over" a particular country brings up that country's name and its data. One fun use of the site would be to play Geography,

All About Earth Day

All About Earth Day Senator Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day, has created an informative site displaying his convictions and the subsequent founding of the environmental movement and the first Earth Day in 1970. The Teacher's Lounge provides curriculum and activities for Earth Day,

Observing the Earth

Observing the Earth Access high quality images of the Earth's geographic features from this site created by the European Space Agency. Search images by location or by satellite. There is a thorough description of each location. European Space Agency • Pictures and/or Illustrations

Earth Guide

Earth Guide Of what is the Earth made? What happens to the sunlight that strikes Earth? What are the different land areas on Earth? This interesting site answers these and many more questions in slide show fashion. It is very content-rich, but requires a strong reading level, so some teachers may

Sun-Earth Media Viewer

Sun-Earth Media Viewer Experts warn us to never ever look directly at the sun! So the next best thing is this NASA site offering various views of the sun, taken with a variety of filters and temperature sensing equipment. Images can also be enlarged and manipulated to suit your purposes.

Earth Day Network

The Earth Day Network's main goal is to coordinate Earth Day activities worldwide.  The site contains an almost endless supply of learning activities and lesson plans to bring to your classroom, as well as environmental news and ways to get