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Kids Like Blogs

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Teacher Jon Schwartz of Oceanside, CA. presents the blogging program he devised for his fourth and fifth graders. Dubbed "Kids Like Blogs," it involves setting up interested students with their own blog on which they must write a minimum of 90 words each night of the school week. Features such as "Blogs and Standards," "Blogs teach Math," and "Diversity" explore the practical and pedagogical benefits of kids blogging.



Podcasting and Blogging

Podcasting and Blogging Everything you wanted to know about podcasting, including video podcasts. The page offers links to: how to podcast, podcasting software, and how to regsiter your podcast with iTunes. It also offers sample podcasts and teacher-made podcasts, plus other links dealing with

FEMA for Kids

FEMA for Kids FEMA for Kids provides information on how to cope with lots of disasters, including floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and more. Kids can create an emergency supply kit, become a Disaster Action Kid, or learn how to care for their pets in difficult situations. The site includes games,

NGA Kids

NGA Kids The National Gallery of Art has created a series of impressive web pages that make its vast collections accessible to children. Colorful, fun, and interactive, this is a great addition to any art teacher's website collection. Of particular interest is the "Lizzy and Gordon visit the Sculpture

Mexico for Kids

Name: Mexico for Kids Brief Description of the Site: Sponsored by the Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico, this site, available in English, Spanish, French, and Italian, provides a kid-friendly look at many aspects of our neighbor to the south. The site features seven content areas entitled


Name: Kids Brief Description of the Site: This is a site that offers many book reviews, book trivia, and games! Just for kids! There's a link to learn about authors in an interview format and highlights of "Books Into Movies". Children can also learn how to participate or even start a book club. How

Kids Health

Kids Health An excellent and comprehensive site dealing with many aspects of health for kids, from physical health (what causes a stomach ache?) to emotional health (dealing with divorce). The explanations are detailed and do require good reading skills, but the site is a trove of reliable

Healthfinder Kids

Healthfinder Kids Healthfinder Kids discusses important safety issues for students in a colorful way. There is a section on healthy and not so healthy things for your body and a section on Internet safety. You'll also find games, art contests, a section for parents, and more.

Kids and Money

This site, divided into information for five different age groups, provides lessons and activities that teach important lessons about saving, spending, and ways to avoid debt.

Kids and Cash

Here’s a simple lesson plan to teach elementary students the concept of earning or paying interest.