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Kinetic City: Stomp-High-Low

This site introduces you to a game that uses the kinetic learning style to see how it works
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There’s some recent discussion about the efficacy of learning by way of a specific learning style, but there’s no harm in using the various modalities to help with your understanding. This site introduces you to a game that uses the kinetic learning style to see how it works. You’ll need a team of at least five kids to be able to play this. The instructions are on the site, but if you like, you can print them out and use them anywhere.

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Raptors in the City

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Recycle City

This interactive site allows students to implement recycling programs to transform "Dumptown" into "Recycle City". To make this simulation realistic, students must implement the programs within a budget. courtesy of netTrekker

New York City - before it was a city

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