Interactive 3D Models Teach Biology, Geometry, and More

Impressive, interactive 3D models augment classroom learning
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Title: Lifeliqe
Summary: Impressive, interactive 3D models augment classroom learning

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Pros: Beautiful models, ease of use, and an extensive library make this app extremely versatile.
Cons: Making your own ebooks is not intuitive, plus pricing likely will keep it out of students' hands at home.
Bottom Line: Lifeliqe is a no-brainer for supplying clear, professional 3D models for deep investigation.

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Interactives, Geometry 3D Shapes

Interactives, Geometry 3D Shapes This resource investigates 3D shapes in Geometry. There are tutorials on surface area, volume, Euler’s Theorem, and platonic solids. There is also an introduction and an interactive activity to test the students on skills taught. Annenberg Media