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Math Forum: A Collection of Secondary Math Units

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Here are some high-powered ideas for math units that incorporate real-world problems, computer use with Sketchpad, and spreadsheets. The teacher who developed these, Margaret Sinclair, clearly had a passion for mathematics and understood how to engage students in the explanation of sometimes esoteric ideas. The Skydome Review Unit is a great review unit that uses the newspaper to help students with basic math skills.

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A Dictionary of Units of Measurement

A Dictionary of Units of Measurement This interesting and easy-to-use site looks at the history and meaning of many measurement terms, including Metric, International, and English Customary Systems. The site, by the Center for Mathematics and Science Education at the University of North Carolina at

A Maths Dictionary for Kids

A Maths Dictionary for Kids From Australia comes a delightful Math site. A K-6 Math teacher defines and illustrates more than 500 mathematical terms. The result is a wonderful dictionary featuring clear and often interactive graphics, great colors, and lots of examples.

The Math Forum Student Center

The Math Forum Student Center The Math Forum Student Center provides math news, notes, challenges, and much more. Dr. Math is here with the answers to students' math questions. There's a teachers' section, a research division, and a parents' part. This site also includes non-English math resources and


A+Math Interactivity is the name of the game at A+ Math, a site "developed to help students improve their math skills interactively." Operations, fractions, inequalities, and money are just a few of the math topics included. Choose online games, flashcards, worksheets, or homework help. You

United Nations Population Fund

United Nations Population Fund The United Nations provides a world of knowledge on the issue of population. There are actual examples of issues noted in various state standards, such as human-rights, sustainable development, and the impact of people on the environment. Students can also analyze current

The Flag of the United States

The Flag of the United States The author of this site provides a solid base of information about the U.S. flag that includes the evolution of the flag and the history of Flag Day. Students will discover why the flag is known as Old Glory and the important role Francis Scott Key played in history.