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Math in Daily Life

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This Annenberg Interactives site asks the question, “How do numbers affect everyday decisions?” The several sections cover topics as wide-ranging as statistics, using math when decorating a room, ratios encountered in cooking, and figuring out the best deal when buying on credit. Every high school student should be conversant in all of these areas of math. One interesting topic explains why math is the universal language shared by all regardless of culture, religion, gender, or time in history. When you get the question from your students, “Why do I need to learn this stuff?”, you’ll find some good answers here.

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Life on Mars

Life on Mars This site, from Scholastic, delves into past speculation that Mars could support life, beginning with the Italian astronomer Schiaparelli's talk about "canali" that he thought he could see on Mars and continuing up to modern science's examination of the meteorite from Mars discovered

Daily Life in Ancient Rome

Daily Life in Ancient Rome This very attractive site presents information about many aspects of Roman life. Students can research entertainment, including the Colosseum, Circus Maximus, theaters, and will also find detailed discussions about gladiators, charioteers and boxers. The

Life of Galileo

 Rice University offers an impressive online project about Galileo Galilei, his life and work. Includes a glossary of terms, a timeline, maps, pictures, primary texts, family letters, and sketches. courtesy of netTrekker

Literature and Life

Literature and Life PBS explores African-American literature, from slave narratives to the work of contemporary artists. This comprehensive site explores the authors, era, and impact of the literature. There are also audio clip readings and video clip interviews.

Life of the Bard

Accessible information about Shakespeare, including his family background, education, marriage, career, the "lost years," works and study materials. From the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, an independent charity that promotes the world's Shakespeare heritage.courtesy of netTrekker

Pew Internet & American Life

Name: Pew Internet & American Life Brief Description of the Site: Pew Internet & American Life provides useful research information about the impact of the Internet on society. The section entitled "Our Reports" contains interesting and timely research on various topics, including the Internet and Iraq War, the