Merriam Webster Word Central

Name:Merriam Webster Word Central

Brief Description of the Site:
This site operates from the premise that words can be fun. The homepage which uses the metaphor of school building, offers access to: (a) Music Room, where students can create a poem by simply filling in blanks; (b) Cafeteria, featuring unusual “Buzzwords†such as “a cappella†and “halcyonâ€; (c) Science Lab, a really bizarre page that converts words into Morse code and more; (d) Computer Lab, which also rearranges entered words or phrases; and (e) Build Your Own Dictionary, where students can create original words (“krunk,†“spishâ€) define them, and post them for others to view. There is also a Teachers Lounge with lessons and other materials for the teacher.

How to use the site:
Your students, especially the most creative, will enjoy roaming and browsing this site. But it’s not just for their casual amusement. Challenge them to contribute new words or use some of the new words submitted by peers. Divide them into teams and have them attempt to stump each other with the “Buzzwords†or use them in original stories. The site encourages creativity and can provide a positive experience for the word-lovers among your students.