Minding the Gap: Educators’ Differing Perceptions of Classroom Assessments

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While principals and administrators underestimate the amount of time teachers spend creating and grading assessments, they also overestimate the abilities of their current grading systems to automatically score, record, analyze, and share student performance data.

This research provides a new, fresh look at the perception and reality surrounding classroom assessments. This report reveals:

  • The actual amounts of time teachers spend creating and grading assessments.
  • How principals overestimate the use of scanners and other technology solutions used in scoring assessments in their own schools.
  • Why twice as many teachers as principals and administrators consider the grading process burdensome.  
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Don't Assume; Assess

Whether instructors face the challenge of teaching efficiently and effectively, have to define student needs and placement, or must spend more time correcting behavior than teaching, assessment tech can be a useful tool to finding success.

Bridging the Technology Proficiency Gap Through Peer Mentoring

To bridge the gap between the most proficient and the least proficient technology-integrating teachers, one school district in southern New Jersey undertook a ten-month research project. This project was a formal peer mentoring relationship strictly for the acquisition of curricular-driven technology integration