Mrs. McGowan's Second Grade

Name:Mrs. McGowan's Second Grade

Brief Description of the Site:
Marci McGowan has taught primary grades for more than ten years at H. W. Mountz Elementary School in Spring Lake, NJ. Her classroom Web site originally focused on First Grade, but with a new teaching assignment in 2003-04, she has expanded the site to include Second Grade. She uses the site to showcase student work, communicate with parents, and to conduct online projects with her students.

How to use the site:
Parents can quickly access answers to most of their classroom procedural questions by selecting from a drop down menu of Classroom Topics at the top of the Home page. They can also quickly scroll through a list of monthly highlights to learn about curricular topics and special projects. Both parents and visiting educators will enjoy spending time in the Student Showcase and in reviewing links to different online projects.

Submitted by:
Marci McGowan