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Built especially for children, My LEGO Network is a safe environment that lets kids create and control their own webpage and interact with one another through buying, collecting, and trading virtual items and sending mail messages. While using "blueprints" and LEGO pieces to construct virtual trading items, students practice following directions, collecting and organizing objects, recognizing patterns, and performing simple math. Social-networking between friends and virtual LEGO characters is facilitated via a simple e-mail program that offers prepopulated subject and message fields, one of the ways the experience on this site is kept safe from cyber bullying and exchange of inappropriate content.

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My Privacy, My Choice, My Life(2)

Learn about the importance of internet privacy for young people from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Topics include important information for students and parents and resources for teachers. Includes a privacy quiz and related links. Available in French.  courtesy of

Ecology Networking for Kids

Habitat Heroes is a new social networking site built for kids to cultivate the young environmentalist within. Included are games and activities that deal with current events and global issues, and enhanced social networking safety features. Parents can choose from

Teachers Support Network

Teachers Support Network This is a great resource for teachers everywhere and in every discipline. The Network states that it is a "'s the process, the techniques and the system for recruiting and retaining the highest quality teacher for every classroom." Quick Search tools allow

Earth Day Network

The Earth Day Network's main goal is to coordinate Earth Day activities worldwide.  The site contains an almost endless supply of learning activities and lesson plans to bring to your classroom, as well as environmental news and ways to get

My Culture Quest

Here’s a game where you combine geography with an opportunity to explore artistic objects from different cultures.

My Hero Project

A global internet project that allows students to contribute stories about people that they admire and respect. Through these stories, children build a peaceful relationship with other students from around the globe. courtesy of netTrekker

It's My Life: School

A peek into the life of a school aged child provides useful tools on test taking, time management, peer relations, cheating, and more. Listen to testimonials, take real time surveys, and participate in multiple ending stories on current adolescent issues.

My Life as an Elk

My Life as an Elk This is an animated storybook about a newly born elk's first year of life. The story begins with the spring birth of a healthy elk calf and continues through the herd's winter migration. As the story unfolds, students learn about animal behaviors, the differences between antlers and