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My Robot and Me

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This activity from Odyssey of the Mind combines creative writing and public speaking while exploring the world of robots. Although focused primarily on middle-school students, it could easily be adapted for high school. Public speaking is often a frightening proposition for many students, so by combining the writing of a humorous essay with a class presentation, perhaps the edge can be taken off that apprehension.

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Me and My Movie

Online filmmaking community where you can learn how to make your own films, watch films created for CBBC competitions, download sound effects, make a mashup, and rate the work of your filmmaking peers. From the Children's BBC.  courtesy of netTrekker   

CBBC: Me and My Movie

In this online filmmaking community, users can learn how to make their own films, watch films created for CBBC competitions, download sound effects, make a mashup, and rate the work of filmmaking peers. courtesy of netTrekker

Show Me

Show Me Part of "24 Hour Museum," a U.K. site offering links to hundreds of museums, this page offers child-specific activities such as: "Cracker — Break the Code," "Design a Tile," and "Create Your Own Creatures." Each link brings users to pages from a particular museum's site. But users

Meet Me at Midnight

Meet Me at Midnight Meet Me at Midnight is an online game requiring players to return a piece of stolen artwork to its rightful location inside the Smithsonian. With clues to unravel, artworks to unscramble, and art terms to learn along the way, Meet Me at Midnight is an interactive exercise in art

The World in Me

The World in Me is an online display of masks created by elementary school children enrolled in a program designed to raise awareness of the ecology of their communities. Personal statements by the artists explaining their relationships to the environment

Show Me: Face It!

In celebration of the birth of the new British heir, let’s take a trip to London and visit the National Portrait Gallery.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Take Me Out to the Ball Game This is a webQuest written by Susie Hallar of the Warrensburg Schools in Warrensburg, Missouri. Students research 10 famous baseball players, then use the information they find to compute averages, standard deviations, central tendencies, and variance to determine the best

The Spy Who Served Me

March is National Women’s History Month and this year’s theme is the celebration of women of character, courage, and commitment.

My Privacy, My Choice, My Life(2)

Learn about the importance of internet privacy for young people from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Topics include important information for students and parents and resources for teachers. Includes a privacy quiz and related links. Available in French.  courtesy of