NASA Profiles: Careers in Spaceflight

Name:NASA Profiles: Careers in Spaceflight

Brief Description of the Site:
These NASA sites provide information on careers in the aerospace industry. You'll want to download Real Player (it's free) in order to get the full effect of the information. The animation and music make for an exciting virtual tour. Meet the people who have those jobs through videos. Just click on the photo gallery and a number of links to several topics addressed by each of the NASA professionals. You can access the information ("Take a Journey") by entering age and gender for appropriate material.

How to use the site:
Meet many of the people behind of the U.S. space program and learn what careers can be pursued. Not everyone is an astronaut. There are design challenges and special events in which students can learn about and even meet online experts in a number of fields. Activities and design challenges are presented by grade levels with links to lesson plans and specific timelines for project completion, web cast participation, and project submission.

Submitted by:
Susan Anderson
NASA Distance Learning