Nellie's English Projects(2)

Name:Nellie's English Projects

Brief Description of the Site:
This is a labor-of-love with a distinctly “homey†feel, but despite its “funkiness†it is amazingly content-rich. From the home page go immediately to the Table of Contents where you will find eight categories, each containing dozens of links. The category names are rather generic (Tasks, Process, Evaluation, etc.) but the links beneath each are specific and intriguing. Of special interest are the WebQuest links leading to WebQuests for Ages 5-8, 9-12, 13-15, 15-18, Adults, ESL/EFL, and Teachers. There are also links for collaborative projects, for ESL students, for writing term papers, for creating rubrics, and too much more to list. Then there’s the “Resources†category with entries ranging from Bloom’s Taxonomy to Using the Internet.

How to use the site:
It’s a wonderful resource. Most links bring up pages brimming over with even more links for WebQuests, projects, teaching techniques, and more; there’s even a link to send feedback. Teachers of middle and high school classes will appreciate the wealth of WebQuests for older students, even for adults. Even if one does not use the WebQuests “as is†he/she can learn a lot about creating original WebQuests here, as well as learning a lot more from this dazzingly-full site.

Submitted by:
Nellie Mueller