AmpliVox Sound Systems ( released the Collaboration Huddle Table CT4880, a durable table for conference rooms and other meeting spaces that offers built-in power receptacles as well as an optional table-mount stand for digital monitors. In addition, the streamlined design of the Collaboration Huddle Table is ADA Standards for Accessible Design compliant, comfortably accommodating users in wheelchairs and allowing ample knee clearance. The Collaboration Huddle Table’s surface is constructed of scratchproof, impact-resistant, high-pressure laminate in a maple finish with durable black vinyl edges. The workspace includes two USB and AC power receptacles, each with two AC power outlets, two USB power ports, and one USB network plug. An optional mount for monitors measuring 32” to 52” attaches to one end of the table.

The ELD “Flipper” ( table has a wide range of sizes and hardworking features, such as top flipper access to a large, full-length cable tray and a 6-outlet surge protector. With adjustable height legs and space-saving 25-inch depth, this series provides exceptional durability and value.


Copernicus Dual Duty Teaching Easel ( was designed to make the most of every inch in the classroom by combining technology with a traditional teaching easel. It includes an oversized whiteboard, measuring 41 3/4” H x 26 3/4” W, storage for up to 32 devices, headphones or computer mice, as well as charging for devices all in one compact unit (USB-syncing hub model also available). Highlights include: a compact footprint; large whiteboard for collaborating, Safety-Cap book ledge that locks into multiple positions; 3” locking casters; cable management; and snap-on chart paper hooks on the back. Additional models are available that charge and store 6 or 12 devices.

The Ergotron LearnFit Sit-Stand Desk ( helps teachers transform their classrooms into active learning environments. With on-demand sit-stand desks, kids can change from sitting to standing with the simple squeeze of a hand lever. This adjustment capability, along with a desk on casters, gives an educator flexibility in arranging the classroom for any lesson. This desk is optimized to provide sit-stand adjustment for students, in grades 7 through adult when using standard classroom chairs for seating. For elementary-school students ages 6 and above, it is an ideal adjustable standing desk. This PrecisionHeight Technology lets students easily adjust the desk height for proper ergonomic head positioning, helping to reduce neck strain from looking down at digital devices. Casters allow the desk to roll easily, allowing the teacher to reconfigure the classroom for small-group breakouts quickly, saving valuable instruction and group activity time, and easily return to full classroom configuration when done.

The Marvel Group ( now offers the Focus Desk XT, a sit/stand desk made for high-school students and young adults. Marvel’s FeatherTouch lift system lifts or lowers the desk surface with minimal effort, allowing students to self-adjust the desk without disrupting the class. The Focus Desk XT can be set at any height from 28” to 42” for a customized fit that promotes healthy posture. Its extra-large laminate top and steel frame stand up to heavy use. Lockable casters make the entire unit mobile, allowing classes to form work groups or rearrange seating quickly and easily.

Spectrum Industries, Inc. ( announced the addition of the Flex Flip Tables to the Expressions line of product offerings in laminates and metals. The Flex Flip Table can meet the needs of any collaboration layout, while ADA-accessible options allow teachers to engage any user in any environment. The flip top and locking casters provide quick and easy room reconfiguration and storage capabilities. The Flex Flip Table comes in multiple size options and can be purchased together with an optional power module and wire management kit.

Steelcase Education’s new Brody worklounge ( for students challenges conventional learning space design by creating a self-contained environment allowing for maximum focus. Designed for both brain and body, Brody integrates power, comfort, personal storage, and optional lighting. The LiveLumbar technology brings ergonomic design to the lounge posture, and the adjustable work surface holds technology at eye level, reducing neck and shoulder strain. The shelter from visual distractions provides privacy and an enhanced sense of psychological security. These movable modular solutions can transform underutilized libraries and in-between spaces into coveted learning destinations.