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PBS Teachers: Reading and Language Arts

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This compilation of resources across PBS programs is a treasure trove for teachers looking for lesson plans, audio, video, projects and interactive sites for reading and language arts, as well as geography, journalism, media studies, and cultural studies. Sources include Between the Lions, Super Why, Masterpiece Theater, NOW, Oregon Public Broadcasting, and PBS NewsHour, along with many other PBS programs. The site offers a way to filter the resources offered by topic, media type, and PBS programs. The content is separated by grade level and subject matter.

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PBS Teacher Source

PBS Teacher Source PBS has a source, based on their broadcasts, for teachers covering almost all subject areas . This site has so much wonderful information as well as interactive activities that you are sure to find something that would be useful in your classroom. Public Broadcasting System

PBS Teacher Source: Math

PBS Teacher Source: Math PBS TeacherSource provides math lesson plans and activities for all grade levels, preschool through high school. For instance, choose Geometry for grades 3-5 and get 42 projects ranging from bridge building to tessellations to the geometry of bike design to "Sir

Ms. Platt's 7th Grade Language Arts Class

Name: Ms. Platt's 7th Grade Language Arts Class Brief Description of the Site: Maryann Platt teaches seventh grade English at Ashland Middle School in Ashland, MA. Ms. Platt has created an interactive Web site where her students can check for homework assignments, take on-line quizzes, complete WebQuests, and


From Watson and Crick to the future of DNA, this site examines the history of modern day genetics. There is information from five episodes The Secret of Life Playing God Human Race Curing Cancer and Pandora's Box. A timeline of

PBS: Bullying

This may be a perfect time to help increase awareness and prevent bullying and this PBS site can help.

PBS: The Buddha

 The online companion to a television documentary on the Buddha, which first aired on in April 2010, is home to a variety of rich media resources to complement any study of Buddhism and its founder. Find the complete program broken

FREE Resources: Eleven Language Arts Sites

More than 30 Federal agencies formed a working group in 1997 to make hundreds of federally supported teaching and learning resources easier to find. The result of that work is the FREE web site. FREE stands for Federal Resources for Educational Excellence. The web sites listed below are excerpted with permission from