Poets.org - The Academy of American Poets

Name:Poets.org - The Academy of American Poets

Brief Description of the Site:
You can satisfy a passion for poetry by visiting this comprehensive site. The listening booth offers readings by Auden, Ashberry, Berryman, and you can find a poem by author or title by merely clicking on the appropriate letter of the alphabet. One can create a "Notebook" to favorites (a sort of bookmark for poetry on the site) for return visits. Having trouble seeing that screen? Click on "Larger Font" for easier reading. The "Links" page offers a wide range of poetry sites including poetry databases, poetry organizations, conferences and festivals, awards and prizes, poetry exhibits, and a link to arts advocacy organizations. Passion, passive interest, and activism are offered by the Academy. Use of the site is free, but the Academy is always looking for members.

How to use the site:
Read it, recite it, listen to it, advocate it it's all on the Academy of American Poets site. No need to worry about insufficient poetry in the classroom. The site offers a multifaceted view of poetry for every age and interest. The forum for discussions is due to reopen in the fall of 2003, if the Academy keeps to schedule. The Forums page promises homework help, a suggestion box, a practice section, and a favorite poems and websites. Log on and stay tuned -- and simply enjoy the poetry resource.

Submitted by:
Neme Alperstein