Pollen Park

Name:Pollen Park

Brief Description of the Site:
Pollen Park explains the complex process of plant reproduction in a straightforward manner and information is presented clearly and separated logically into obvious sections. The result is that students can navigate the site freely, making their own decisions and discoveries.

How to use the site:
For elementary classroom use, the site aims provides an understanding of the following: 1. The names of the different parts of the flower and the function of each in the reproduction process. 2. The process of pollination and the varied methods of pollen transfer. 3. The process of fertilization and how this differs from pollination 4. The different methods of seed dispersal and why this needs to occur. 5. The process of seed germination and the necessary conditions for it to occur.

Submitted by:
Melissa Lee Price
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, UK