Preparing Young Children for a Lifetime of Learning

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A solid early-childhood education will help students develop the academic and social skills they need to become strong learners. Using technology to help children develop cognitive, social, and motor skills can help them in upper grades and beyond. This eBook provides information on an exciting new technology that allows teachers to reach different types of learners and promote the necessary skills each child needs to be successful.

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Free Software for Young Children

Tip: Marianne Wartoft from Uppsala, Sweden has been developing educational shareware programs since 1995. Now these wonderful interactive programs are available as freeware at Marianne Wartoft ab. Minisebran offers early learning games for 2-6 years olds, including doodle drawing exercises and very simple games


Julie Young

Julie Young is president and chief executive offer of Florida Virtual School, which she helped launch in 1997. The organization, which has a staff of more than 1,200, provides nearly 100 courses to more than 130,000 students annually. Young chairs

Children's and Young Adults' Authors and Illustrators

Children's and Young Adults' Authors and Illustrators This meta-site provides an impressive collection of links to children's and young adults' authors/illustrators. Included are author birthdays, author/illustrator appearances, online interviews, a name pronunciation guide, biographies, bibliographies