Relevant (High School) Chemistry Resources On The Web

Name:Relevant (High School) Chemistry Resources On The Web

Brief Description of the Site:
Relevant (High School) Chemistry Resources On The Web is a huge listing of useful links, in many categories, geared for chemistry teachers. This site also offers some great links for the other sciences too. They include general science, biology, mathematics, physics, discoveries and inventions, astronomy, environmental, and projects. The site is one stop shopping for high school chemistry teachers but offers much to middle school teachers too.

How to use the site:
Two high school chemistry teachers compiled this site as part of their chemistry department's Web pages. All of the topics are listed in a table at the top. Click on one to see all the links for that topic, which include definitions, periodic tables (with its own page), chemistry help, general sites, link listings, science help, data, constants and equations, tutorials, science publications, science news, science museums, science search engines, and more.

Submitted by:
Ken Royal