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Royal Collection: Dutch Landscapes

An exhibition of seventeenth century Dutch landscape painting, with examples and in depth analysis of the work of all the well known masters of the genre, including Jacob van Ruisdael and Aelbert Cuyp. courtesy of netTrekker
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An exhibition of seventeenth-century Dutch landscape painting, with examples and in-depth analysis of the work of all the well-known masters of the genre, including Jacob van Ruisdael and Aelbert Cuyp.

courtesy of netTrekker



Vincent van Gogh(2)

Vincent van Gogh Michael Kimmelman, art critic for The New York Times, narrates a walk-through slideshow of an exhibition of Van Gogh's drawings mounted by New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2005. The site offers wonderful examples of Van Gogh's landscapes and self-portraits, with

A look at a 15th century Flemish masterpiece

A full featured exploration of a sumptuous portrait of the Virgin and Child by Van Eyck, with insightful descriptions, analysis, and interpretative commentary. From the Web site of the Louvre. courtesy of netTrekker

Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913–1917

Today is Matisse's birthday. Celebrate with this exhibition of Matisse's paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints, from a pivotal period in the artist's career. With a  numerous examples of the artist's work, biographical notes, compositional analysis, and video of Matisse at

Royal Ontario Museum: Inuit Carvings in Ivory

An exploration of ivory carvings made by Inuit artists. This comprehensive site does more than showcase works by master carvers it also tells the underlying stories that tie the ivories to the culture and environment of the Inuit. You can

Birmingham Museum: Learning about Landscapes

 Great interactives to understand the various components of drawing landscapes. Learn about horizon line, aerial perspective, and linear perspective. See landscapes in a gallery and make your own landscape. courtesy of netTrekker

Echoes of Elvis

This exhibition from the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Exhibition explores the many depictions of rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley. courtesy of netTrekker

Cezanne in Provence

Cezanne in Provence An exhibition site of the life and work of the great French master Paul Cézanne explores the unique relationship between the artist and the countryside surrounding his Aix-en-Provence home, where he often painted en plein air. Includes a biography, a timeline, interactive maps