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Science Olympiad

It’s not too early to get ready for the Science Olympiad in May.
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It’s not too early to get ready for the Science Olympiad in May. The Science Olympiad is a competitive tournament like an academic track meet that examines different aspects of science. The home page of this nationwide competition explains how to get your school in on the fun of the competition. There are resources available that provide materials for the competition, the rules manuals, information about the Olympiad that is geared just toward elementary students, along with videos, teaching manuals, and student manuals. Access your state’s Science Olympiad website to find out where workshops are being held, what schools are participating, and where and when regional tournaments will be held as a run-up to the national tournament. Find out how to invigorate your science program and get students and families excited about STEM disciplines while preparing for science tournaments.

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Science at NASA

Name: Science at NASA Brief Description of the Site: This is science in the news (also in Spanish) with stories based on scientific inquiry. Topics covered include Space Science, Astronomy, Living In Space, Earth Science, Biological and Physical Sciences, Beyond Rocketry, and Satellite Tracking, all links to

Polymer Science Learning Center

Name: Polymer Science Learning Center Brief Description of the Site: The Polymer Science Learning Center has created some unique ways to share what polymers are, where they are found, and the kinds that exist. The site was picked as one of the top 50 science education sites by "Scientific American" How to use

Sample Science Fair Projects

Name: Sample Science Fair Projects Brief Description of the Site: Besides its “For Teachers” page this science-fair site also offers pages “For Students” and “For Parents.” The “For Teachers page is a portal with many, many links to sites providing information about science fairs as well as free

Mrs. Poarch's Science Class

Name: Mrs. Poarch's Science Class Brief Description of the Site: Mary Poarch teaches 7th grade science in San Antonio, Texas. Her Web site is a resource for students and parents where assignments and important information are accessible at all times. How to use the site: Students and parents use this

Carnegie Science Center: BrainCake

The Girls, Math & Science Partnership provides news items, resources, activities and event listings aimed toward girls interested in STEM education and engineering careers. Students can read about the experiences of current engineers at "She's Livin It" and be linked with

Science Interactives

Science Interactives and MSNBC have linked-up to offer a series of fascinating interactive science-orientated presentations. Among the topics are Asteroid Close Calls (could our Earth be struck by an asteroid?) and The Search for Extrasolar Planets (are there other planets circling