Sedgefield Elementary School

Name:Sedgefield Elementary School

Brief Description of the Site:
Sedgefield, located in Charlotte, North Carolina is a K-5 elementary school. The school's Web site is designed to keep the school family, (parents, students, and the community at large), abreast of what is happening within the school.

How to use the site:
Parents are the primary target audience for this site. By visiting the School Information area, they can access nitty-gritty information about calendars, nutrition, school supplies. This page also offers links to helpful Web site for parents and students, as well as a virtual tour of the school and a welcome to new parents and students. The Grade Level News area features up-to-date information about activities at each grade level and in special programs such as art and music. Parents with Internet access will find the answers to most general questions right here at their fingertips.

Submitted by:
Bonnie Gathman

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