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Sing About Science and Math

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Looking for a clever way to teach or learn important science and math concepts or facts? Here's a great place to start. Search the Sing About Science database by keyword, phrase, performer or songwriter, title, and other options to find songs and lyrics to enhance learning of biology, chemistry, Earth science, engineering, math, medicine, and physics. Also included is a list of free ringtones, links to research pointing to the strong connection between music and memorization, and other benefits of utilizing music in the classroom.

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Explore Science and Math With Games

Shodor's Project Interactivate offers Java based activities for the exploration of science and math. From the opening page, click to lessons and tips for teachers or to activities, tools, and a dictionary for students. Each activity offers answers to its

Lomita Math/Science Magnet School

Name: Lomita Math/Science Magnet School Brief Description of the Site: Lomita Math/Science Magnet is a K-5, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) school located in the South Bay area of Southern California. Since Lomita is a school of choice, parents must apply to LAUSD for their children to be admitted to

Science With Me! Learn about Earthquakes

A simple introduction to earthquakes answers questions about the epicenter and focus of earthquakes, and kinds of fault, seismic waves, and aftershocks. With free registration, teachers may download a coloring activity and worksheet, as well as accessing other features of

Interactive Simulations for Physical Sciences and Math

The University of Colorado at Boulder offers more than 80 simulations of physical phenomena ranging from elementary simulations on balloons and static electricity to university level simulations of optical quantum control. These interactive simulations can be modified by the user,

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills Support Math & Science

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills Support Math & Science Route 21 Snapshots provide teachers and students with examples of 21st Century Skills that are integrated into standard lessons. This particular Snapshot, for grades 9 through 12, displays how critical thinking and problem solving

Absurd Math

Name: Absurd Math Brief Description of the Site: A fun game series for kids learning pre-algebra. Each game is a simulation that includes objectives, rules, and tools that might accompany the game (such as a calculator provided online). A problem is stated to solve, and then the player assumes an identity to