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Smithsonian Education Homepage

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Imagine a portal into all the Smithsonian Education has to offer. This site has it all--lesson plans for teachers, sites for families who want to visit the Smithsonian in person or via computer, and a section just for students, filled with games, virtual tours, and interactive projects. Find information on the arts, history and culture, science, and people and places. Of particular note is the section named “Shout,” which allows collaboration between students and experts in many different fields.

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Smithsonian: America on the Move

This rich, varied site explores the role of transportation in America's history. There are historical photos, tours through exhibits, a section on games for children, and a teacher resource center. courtesy of netTrekker

Smithsonian Education: Prehistoric Climate Change

This IdeaLab allows users to do a virtual analysis of prehistoric leaves to explore climate change that happened millions of years ago. By examining the leaves and performing based on formulas that are provided, users can determine the average temperature of

Smithsonian Education: Sizing Up the Universe

Grasp the dimensions of the universe by selecting everyday objects to represent the size of planets, the sun, moon, and galaxies. Through the use of Google Maps, users can examine the spatial relationship of various celestial bodies in terms of

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Smithsonian National Zoological Park Here is the National Zoological Park right at our fingertips. Students will find many things to explore at this colorful and engaging site. Any study of animals will have a successful start here. Chances are students can catch their favorite animal on

Smithsonian X 3D

Smithsonian Institution has just launched a site that examines some of its treasured artifacts in 3D

Smithsonian: National Museum of the American Indian

Smithsonian: National Museum of the American Indian This is the official site of the newest Smithsonian -- the Museum of the American Indian. Students can explore the museum through four different sections: "Our Lives" explores stories of indigenous people -- their cultural integrity and