Southside Elementary School

Name:Southside Elementary School

Southside Elementary is a preK-5 school in Crestview, FL. The site is intended to meet the online needs of students, teachers, parents, and administrators through special areas for each target audience. Some school news is available, primarily in the Parent section, but what the site does best is provide appropriate links to Web pages and online resources for each group.

How to use the site:
Students use their area to access online activities ranging from remediation to enrichment. These links are organized by topic. Teachers Resources offers tools to increase productivity, curriculum resources, and links to sites that provide support for teachers working with special needs students. Parent and Community Resources not only addresses parents’ need to help children with schoolwork, but also provides information about a variety of general parenting concerns. Finally, Administration Resources includes access to facts and figures about the school, education research, and the school performance plan.

Submitted by:
Debra Kosche