StocksQuest: A Global Stock Market Game

Name:StocksQuest: A Global Stock Market Game

Brief Description of the Site:
It has been said that a chimpanzee throwing darts at the stock table could probably pick stocks as well as some Wall Street gurus. Perhaps, but that doesn’t stop thousands from trying their luck with the market. This site lets you, your students, or an entire class, play the market risk free. Because it uses simulated money it costs nothing. “Earnings†and/or “losses†are all make-believe, but the benefits are real. Students will learn first-hand how the stock market operates, learn to analyze earnings and other market factors, and develop a feel for the world of investing. Of special interest is the series of 15 very thorough lessons dealing with topics such as “How to Read Stock Quotes†and “What is an IPO?†If your students become sufficiently interested they might even consider teaming up to enter one of the contests (no prizes, but a lot of learning).

How to use the site:
Teachers of economics or other social studies topics will find this site a welcome classroom tool. Students can work individually or in teams to “play’ the market, and learn in an exciting and realistic hands-on fashion. The lesson plans alone are a valuable asset for any teacher who will be teaching students about the stock market.