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TeachEngineering: Growing and Graphing

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A great lesson on graphing spelled out in exquisite detail! Your lower elementary students will love this exercise in non-standard measurement and graphing as it gets them out of their classroom and into those of older students, all in the interest of science and mathematics. The lesson includes a materials list, motivation for the lesson, the procedure, and and section on assessment as well as extension activities. Also provided are links to state standards.

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Create a Graph

Name: Create a Graph Brief Description of the Site: Create a Graph is a straightforward easy-to-navigate site that appears to be simpler than it really is. Actually, this site is worthy of heading the list of favorites because of its usefulness in teaching graphing, and allowing students to enter their own data,

Geometry Graphing

 Students practice using their graphing calculators for drawing and labeling points, lines, planes, and angles. To check their work, they select the View Solution button, which is located directly under each problem. courtesy of netTrekker

Graphing Calculator

Graphing Calculator HRW provides the biggest interactive graphing calculator you've ever seen — it fills the screen. Use this tool to plot points, graph equations, or to find intersection points. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston --> • High School Middle School

Create a Graph(2)

Create a Graph Explore all kinds of different graphs (bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, scatter plots, and more) and learn how to graphically organize data with this walk-through exercise. It includes options for printing and saving . Excellent examples and helpful tips ensure that your graphs are

School Years Around the World: Reading a Bar Graph

School Years Around the World: Reading a Bar Graph A printable graph-reading exercise that compares the number of years children are expected to go to school in the United States and in a host of other countries. Good reinforcement for students learning to interpret data displayed as a bar graph