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Teens: The Keys to Defensive Driving

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Did you know that car accidents are the biggest killer of 15 to 20 year olds in the United States? This Family Doctor article provides tips for defensive driving and offers teens the "eight secrets to super driving." Students can listen to the article being read, download the audio, and watch videos about how to avoid or react to dangerous situations.

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Health Issues for Teens

Health Issues for Teens LifeBytes is a colorful and attractive Website providing young people aged 11 - 14 facts about health in a fun and interesting way. Topics covered include "Alcohol," "Drugs," "Healthy Eating," "Emotional health and wellbeing," "Physical Activity," "Safety," "Sexual

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 Do your students you know the dangers surfing the web and how to avoid them?  Kids can follow the links to learn how to surf safely. Wired Kids includes information for children, parents, educators and others in the community.courtesy of

Keys Out of Order on Mac Hard Drive

Question: The disk utility first aid program (that came on the 10.3 install CD) cannot repair a problem on my Macintosh hard drive. The error says “keys out of order.” What should I do? The IT Guy says: The Apple webpage Disk First Aid: What to Do When it Finds an Error recommends first booting from the