The Concord Consortium

Name:The Concord Consortium

Brief Description of the Site:
The Concord Consortium Web site is a portal for many important topics relating to instructional technology. Useful resources provide information about online learning, probeware, hardware, and modeling research. Of particular interest is the "Projects" section of the site that describes innovative attempts to "bridge the gap between research and practice."

How to use the site:
Begin your visit to this site by exploring the projects, such as "Making Thinking Visible" found in the "drop-down" menu found at the bottom of the page. From there, examine the right menu bar for useful information about technologies such as handhelds and probeware. Teachers interested in taking an online course on cutting edge technology should examine the Course section of the site. Interested teachers can obtain a free membership that entitles them to a free newsletter and members-only software.

Submitted by:
David Jakes