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The Geffrye Museum of the Home: Interactive Journey

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Through time and space travel afforded by the internet, you can take a walk through a Victorian house in London in 1870. In this interactive journey you can help Ruby and Michael search for Sam, their missing dog. While you are searching, you can learn about Victorian life by examining the objects in the house, listening to the characters, and answering the questions. By answering all the questions correctly, you will find Sam. Along the way you will have fun exploring someone else’s home and life.

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Newseum, The Interactive Museum of News The Newseum, a museum of journalism, presents full-color captures of the front pages of newspapers from 38 different countries, organized alphabetically by county. Simply run your mouse over a thumbnail to display a larger image of that newspaper and then click

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The Green Home Makeover so your students think they're Internet experts? They probably are. Still they might enjoy these interactive lessons from the BBC on the basics of Internet use, including browsers, searching, e-mail, safety, and online communities. Who knows, they might learn even more.


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A great overview of chocolate production. Learn about the plant, how chocolate is processed and what's being done by the Rainforest Alliance to make chocolate farming sustainable.courtesy of netTrekker

The CIA Museum

 A virtual museum (using Flash) of the history and technologies used by the Agency in its efforts to protect the United States from foreign enemies. Click "Enter" to start the tour. courtesy of netTrekker