The iHistory Podcast Project

Name:The iHistory Podcast Project

Dave Fagg teaches History and English at Eaglehawk SC, in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. He and his students are currently engaged in the iHistory Podcast Project, an experimental program in teaching Australian history using podcasts. This class blog documents the work being done by Mr. Fagg and his students.

How to use the site:
This site is a great example of students and a teacher learning together, using technology to expand and enhance the education experience. Students are using mobile technologies (phones and MP3 players) to document fieldwork done on excursions to historical sites which are then posted in the Photos & Voices area. Mr. Fagg posts comments about the process of using this approach to instruction, and students frequently post their own reflections as well, both in text and video. Educators who would like to learn more about the logistics of podcasting will appreciate the Podcasting Made Simple tips provided and the Podcasting PD area of the blog.

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young
David Fagg