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The Little Earth Charter

Children will enjoy the Little Earth Charter which lists eight principles for making a better world.
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Earth Day is April 22. Elementary age children will really enjoy the Little Earth Charter which lists eight principles for making a better world. The Earth Charter has been distilled to make it accessible to the younger set. Clicking on each principle brings up a page that explains what the principle is, a pledge about upholding that principle, and suggested activities that incorporate the principle. Click on 4Kids on the menu bar to find music, games, stories, and links to more information. This is a great way to introduce Earth Day and protection of the Earth to kids.

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The Earth's Orbit

The Earth's Orbit Students may perform many inquiry activities related to Earth's orbit. Included are recording daily temperatures, observing the sun's path over several weeks, tracking sunrise and sunset times, and the angle of sunlight. Diagrams make lessons easy to follow. Christine Jones,

The Earth's Rotation

The Earth's Rotation Students perform several inquiry activities, such as tracing shadows, observing shadows during different times of the day, and tracking the sun's path in the sky to understand the rotation of the earth. Christine Jones, Harvard University •

The Little Red Hen Online

"The Little Red Hen" OnlineEnjoy this simple retelling of the classic story "The Little Red Hen" complete with many colorful illustrations. This is an excellent site for guided reading or independent reading practice for beginning readers. English language learners will also benefit from this colorful source.

Earth Guide

Earth Guide Of what is the Earth made? What happens to the sunlight that strikes Earth? What are the different land areas on Earth? This interesting site answers these and many more questions in slide show fashion. It is very content-rich, but requires a strong reading level, so some teachers may

Charters of Freedom

 This comprehensive overview of the U.S. Constitution places the Constitution in context with two other founding charters of American democracy and government, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Includes access to digital facsimiles of the Constitution and

Breathing Earth

Breathing Earth This fascinating flash site attempts to portray the birth rate, death rate, and amount of Carbon Dioxide produced by every country on the planet. "Mousing over" a particular country brings up that country's name and its data. One fun use of the site would be to play Geography,

Glossopedia: Earth Day

This site shares Earth Day celebrations in countries around the world by ringing bells, holding rallies, performing skits, planting trees, holding theme parties, and having car-free streets.

The Little Rock Nine: 50 Years Later

The Little Rock Nine: 50 Years Later See current portraits of seven of the Little Rock Nine and listen to remembrances of their experiences as the first African Americans to enroll in the previously segregated Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957. New York Times

Satellite Images: Observing the Earth

The European Space Agency has used satellites to provide more that 1300 images of the earth. This site offers both the images and their explanations, which give a deeper understanding of what is happening to the earth's climate. Search these