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The Spy Who Served Me

March is National Women’s History Month and this year’s theme is the celebration of women of character, courage, and commitment.</div>
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March is National Women’s History Month and this year’s theme is the celebration of women of character, courage, and commitment. Listen to a story of one such woman, Mary Bowser, who was a spy for the Union. That is brave enough, but knowing that she had been a slave, and was working as a spy in the Confederate White House shows her commitment to the Union cause. She was part of a larger spy ring in the South which gathered information and passed messages to the Union. This report from NPR is both educational and fascinating.

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Who&#39;s Who in Shakespeare&#39;s History Plays

Here is a color coded family tree to help you understand how the historical characters in Shakespeare's series of history plays are connected. As a bonus, you also get a brief synopsis of each of the plays.  courtesy of netTrekker

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In celebration of the birth of the new British heir, let’s take a trip to London and visit the National Portrait Gallery.

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The World in Me is an online display of masks created by elementary school children enrolled in a program designed to raise awareness of the ecology of their communities. Personal statements by the artists explaining their relationships to the environment

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 Page through a pictorial overview of St. Patrick's Day that explains why Patrick is honored as the patron saint of Ireland and how his feast day, March 17, is celebrated there and elsewhere around the world. From the Associated Press.

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