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The Very First Labor Day

The Very First Labor Day Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is more than the 'end of summer' or another day to catch shopping bargains. It was established to honor the workers of America. A history of our Labor Day celebration is provided on this site by the Library of Congress. America's

My Very Own Pizza(2)

My Very Own Pizza From The Dairy Council of California, a trade group, comes this site about pizza, on which, of course, cheese is a major ingredient. This site provides a "Pizza History," and provides information, of sorts, on the 'nutritional value' of pizza. Although it attempts to show how

Voices of Civil Rights(2)

A joint project of AARP, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), and the Library of Congress, Voices of Civil Rights provides a  place for people to share their experiences of the turbulent beginnings of the civil rights movement as

Flying Firsts

 An illustrated timeline of flying firsts, beginning with the hot air balloon (1783) and continuing through to the first completed international space station (2006). From PBS's Scientific American Frontiers. courtesy of netTrekker

Presidents’ Day

Here’s a site from the US Mint that gives a brief history of how Presidents’ Day came to be celebrated on the third Monday of February.

Valentine's Day

 A comprehensive and entertaining look at love and romance tied to the history and traditions of Valentine's Day. The site delves into the life of the saint and martyr for whom the day is named and recounts the stories of

Today in History: Veterans Day

 This "Today in History" page leads with information on Veterans Day and on World War I, and links you to original documents   photos, interviews, letters and music from the period. courtesy of netTrekker

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Exactly what do we memorialize on Memorial Day? Hint -- it's not department store sales. From the History Channel comes a comprehensive look at Memorial Day, with sections dedicated to a timeline of America's wars, various battle maps, talks with veterans, and three videos, including