The Why and How of Interactive Whiteboards Making a Difference: Tips and Tutorials for Purchase and Use

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Interactive whiteboards have become popular in many classrooms, and the research shows there is positive impact on students with their use. This eBook is designed to help you decide what to do and how to do it. From how to use an interactive whiteboard to how to teach with one and even how to decide what you need and how to choose, this ebook will guide you. There is even research to help you learn what works in other places.

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Interactive Whiteboards

About Interactive Whiteboards Interactive whiteboards are large writable display screens (usually in white color) that can be connected to a computer, allowing its screen to be displayed on the board through a projector. They are also sometimes referred to as

How To: Use an Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards are desirable peripherals these days. When hooked up to a computer, the whiteboard's screen becomes a "live" computer desktop, which can be tapped to pull down menus, highlight, and move or open files. Users can also circle relevant sections on the projected image, draw geometric figures, and