This is MEGA Mathematics - Los Alamos National Laboratory

Name:This is MEGA Mathematics - Los Alamos National Laboratory

Brief Description of the Site:
Don't let the name scare you. It's for kids (and their teachers). This is all about math concepts through hands on activities. Graphs, games, problem solving, map coloring (with crayons and printouts to use), Algorithms and Ice Cream for All, a Usual Day at Unusual School, all provide an appealing entry for all ages into the mathematics world. There's knot theory and a glossary to explain the theory behind the activities. The site isn't very large, but the concepts are, and the site is certainly sufficiently extensive to allow educators to pursue a number of units successfully. In this case, less is more, and more than enough, perhaps, to bring into the classroom throughout the year.

How to use the site:
A colorful graphic, called "The Big Picture" serves as the site map linking to lessons and activities in each topic. Explaining the Mathematics and the Graphics of their Games provides an interactive engaging way for students to develop an understanding of the purpose and use of graphs. Math terms potentially new to students are linked to definitions while a list of preparation materials accompanies lessons. Background information, "Big Ideas and Key Concepts", and "For Further Study" all have activities and explanations for teacher support that avoid the necessity for expertise in the area before one begins. The NCTM link does not got to NCTM's site, but to a link to math standards addressed by the site, and which educator doesn't need that?

Submitted by:
Neme Alperstein