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T&L Live PD Library: Common Core and Other Forms of Assessment

Life with PARCC
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Life with PARCC
RJ Gravel, Mikkel Storaasli and Maureen Miller lead an interactive discussion on how not to lose formative assessment in a summative environment. RJ Gravel, Mikkel Storaasli and Maureen Miller

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Getting to the Core
Scott Bailey and Robert Sidford of Washoe County, Nevada, share perspectives and experiences with Smarter Balanced assessments.

Getting Ready for the Common Core Assessments
Andrew Wallace, Eric Conti and Andrea Kupps share advice about equipment, infrastructure and staffing requirements, as well as pitfalls to avoid and ways to maximize the benefits and minimize the pain associated with the CCSS assessments.

Web Tools and Apps for Common Core
A variety of resources from Hoke Wilcox, Eva Harvell, Mindy Ramon and David Lockhart.

Embracing Common Core
Ideas for supporting and encouraging teachers to explore the new standards, incorporate relevant CCSS resources, and share successes and advice with one another.

Getting Ready for SBAC
Slides from Catharine Reznicek, Ventura County Office of Education

Tools and Approaches to Digital Assessment 
Slides from presenters Connie White, Eva Harvell, and Jaime Vandergrift

Brian Gervase

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Formative Assessment and Personalized Learning

An exploration of the different ways that schools and teachers can leverage information and technology to personalize learning for students.

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