T&L Live PD Library: Coding, Makerspaces, and STEM

T&L Live PD Library: Coding, Makerspaces, and STEM

New from Tech&Learning Live Chicago and Boston 2017!

A Look at the New Computer Science Standards This session explores the new Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards curriculum, professional development, and more. PRESENTERS: Jim Stanton, Anne DeMallie Paul Foster and Laura S. Chesson. Going Beyond the Hour of Code How can schools integrate coding and other STEM programs into other areas of teaching and learning? Presenters Thomas Chestna, Laurie Center, Deborah Marshall, Robyn McKenney and Whitney Wadecki provide answers.

Not Just Fun and Games
An up-close look at the playful learning taking place in several different schools and the power of gaming, engagement and student agency.

Want to be a Maker?
Activities and resources from Christopher Michaud, one of the presenters for this Makerspaces session.

Stuart Burt and Randy Rodgers

Learning by Making
Stuart Burt and Randy Rodgers showcase a variety of tools -- from 3D printers to MakeyMakey to robotic kits and more -- involving maker spaces and interactive technology.

Coding, Making, and Learning

STEM, STEAM, and the Maker Ed Movement
Resources from Ley Hatchock, one of three presenters.

The Other Two Letters in STEM: Technology and Engineering’s Role in Today’s Classrooms
Learn how the Maker Movement, student coding experiences, game design, robotics, and other high tech explorations are converging to transform student learning.

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