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T&L Live PD Library: Digital Content and Open Resources

T&L Live PD Library: Digital Content and Open Resources

Why #GoOpen? Presenters Leo Brehm, Andrew Marcinek, Mike Jamerson and Grace Magley explore how to #GoOpen using openly licensed educational materials to transform teaching and learning -- as well as ensuring those materials play nicely with your other systems. Digital Content in a Post-Textbook WorldPresentationOER Resources

Diana Laufenberg, Leo Brehm, and Paul Tritter explore tools for curating content and building/managing digital content repositories to replace or supplement printed resources.

The Ins and Outs of Building Curriculum
Using Free and Open Resources

Steve Baule and Philip Lacey share tips and resources.

Open Education ResourcesVideo John Fleischman, Jay McPhail and Jeremy Davis talk about where to find, how to evaluate, and when to use open education resources. Slides

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