T&L Live PD Library: Mobile Computing

Sustaining and Energizing 1:1 Programs One-to-One district veterans discuss how they maintain enthusiasm from their communities by making sure their 1:1 programs are integral to the curriculum and student success. PRESENTERS:Colleen Pacatte, Phil Hintz, Mary Mlinar-Stephens, Tim Bryner, Philip Lacey

iPad with desktop icons

We Have the Devices: Now What?
Presenters R.J. Gravel, Rico D'Amore, Phil Hintz and Kim Knigge detail seven areas of focus for curriculum and technology, explore the role of the learning management system in a 1:1 initative, and discuss how partnerships can make it all happen. Presentation

iPad in the Elementary Classroom: Paula Stanbridge and Sharon Mumm offer useful shortcuts to using your favorite classroom apps as well as a guide to using the iPad for comprehension in the K-4 classroom.

We Have the Devices: Now What?
Whether your schools are BYOD or 1:1, you have most likely moved past the “which hardware” conversation. Now what? Hear how both sides of the device divide--instruction and tech--came together to provide the meaningful content, training, and buy-in needed to sustain a successful mobile device program.

  • Moderator Tony Perez leads a discussion with presenters Joani Kay, Janet Copenhaver, Monica Hatchett, Trey Holladay, Chris Hamilton, and Beth McKinney.
  • Presenters Lisa Nielsen, Adam Schoenbart and Rick Cave discuss the impacts on learning and instruction and the goals of mobile technology integration.
  • This presentation from Kevin Schwartz, Todd Gratehouse, Mike Saenz, Peter Griffiths, Karen Fuller, and Susan Borg takes you step by step through the Klein ISD 21st Century Learning Plan

BYOT/BYOD: What’s Working?
Learn from a number of California districts that are leading the way when it comes to “Bring Your Own” technology implementations.

One-to-One: The Classroom perspective
In this video, Theresa Jay, Susan Bisson, and Kathy Cioffi talk about how devices are managed and students learn in the 1:1 classrooms at their schools.

1:1 and BYO Districts Tell Their Stories
The slides below offer multiple perspectives on district approaches to one-to-one and BYOD.

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